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Wild Parsnip

Wild Parsnip

Wild Parsnip and How It Can Affect You

Caution: Do not touch this plant.


Characteristics and Locations 

  • Wild Parsnip can be found in open fields, lawns, along roadsides, and in pastures. It grows up to 5’ tall and has hollow, grooved stems that are hairless. The leaves look very similar to large celery leaves, yellow-green and coarsely toothed.  Wild Parsnip does flower, it has small clusters of yellow flowers in a flat top array approx. 3-8” across. Flowering of Wild Parsnip usually occurs during the second year of growth, starting in May or June, lasting 1-2 months. The seeds produced are flat, brown and slightly winged to facilitate wind dispersal. 

Why is Wild Parsnip Dangerous?

  • Wild Parsnip contains a sappy chemical called furanocoumarins, which makes the skin more vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation (sunlight). Breaking or brushing up against this weed releases the sap and when combined with sunlight, it can cause severe burns within 24 to 48 hours. This reaction is known as phytophotodermatitis, it also can cause discoloration of the skin and increase sensitivity to sunlight that may last for several years, there is no telling when you will fully heal from this reaction.

How to Control

  • Manual removal can be effective for small areas. Cutting roots 1-2” below the soil or pulling plants by hand before they release their seeds. If you're removing the plant after seeds have already...
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Lawn Care Step 3, 2013

Lawn Care Step 3, 2013

Fertilizer and weed control application step #3

The third step of the fertilizer and weed control program will be starting next week.  For most lawns, due to the amount of natural rainfall that we have experienced, the grass is still actively growing.  As long as the lawn is growing and not showing signs of going dormant then this application is important and will be made. 

IF by the time we come to your property to make this application the weather pattern has changed significantly (too hot, or too dry) we may adjust or skip the amount of fertilizer applied.  Mike and Justin will only apply product to your lawn if it is the right thing to do—based on current and forecasted conditions, not just because your name is on the list.

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