Thick and green lawn that has benefited from aeration and overseeding services from Beautiful Blooms, LLC.

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With our aeration services, more water and nutrients will reach your lawn's root system, while newly spread seeds will produce grass that covers the bare spots in your turf.

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Our aeration and seeding services help residents in the Brookfield, Elm Grove, Wauwatosa, and Pewaukee areas of Wisconsin gain beautiful lawns in the spring.

Having our aeration and seeding services performed for your cool-season turf grass during the fall will help it with gaining nutrients and hydration more efficiently.

Soil cores being left behind during an aeration service, that is being performed for a customer in Brookfield, Elm Grove, WI.

A crucial part of maintaining a balanced and healthy lawn is through annual aeration and seeding. This is a procedure that helps your turf gain back nutrients and hydration. To gain a beautiful spring lawn, we recommend aeration and seeding services be performed during the fall when cool-season grasses are at their optimal growth potential. We work with residents in and around Brookfield, Elm Grove, Wauwatosa, and Pewaukee, WI.

What Is Aeration & How Does It Help Your Lawn

Aerating is the process of using a tool, called an aerator, to pull plugs of grass and soil from the lawn. These plugs slowly break down and are reabsorbed into the lawn as extra nutrients. Aerating your lawn comes with a number of benefits including:

  • Reducing compaction
  • Reduction in thatch
  • Strengthens the root system

High-traffic and poor irrigation management creates compaction. It is also more common in poor soil, such as clay-like soil. This makes it difficult for the grass to develop a healthy root system, Aerating helps alleviate the compaction and allows nutrients, hydration, and sunlight deep into the roots.

Thatch is a buildup of dead and decomposing material in your lawn. While having some thatch is okay on your lawn, any thatch over ½" can be detrimental. Aerating helps break up the thatch barrier and gets the needed nutrients to the roots of your grass.

Aerating on an annual basis helps strengthen the root system of your turf. When lawns are not aerated, a weak root system develops and will burn out easier in the summertime. A well-aerated lawn that has had time to grow strong and healthy will maintain its color and health well into the summer months.

Dethatching is an extreme corrective measure and is rarely actually needed. 

At Beautiful Blooms, LLC, we offer dethatching services for the rare instances that it is actually needed.  Dethatching is typically not necessary on lawns that are following an appropriate mowing, watering, and fertilization regime and that are aerated regularly.  Often, by correcting the cause of the thatch buildup, the need for mechanical dethatching goes away within a season. 

About Our Seeding Services

The front turf of this Pewaukee, WI property is reaping the benefits of aeration that was done in the previous fall.

Fall is the perfect time for seeding! Aerating and seeding services work well together, because aerating your lawn allows the seeds to have a better seed-to-soil contact when they are dropped. There are two methods of seeding that we use, based on the circumstances of your lawn and whether or not your yard has been aerated. These methods are:


Overseeding incorporates more grass into the existing lawn. Using a broadcast spreader, the seed is laid across the lawn. Overseeding and aerating is the best method for reviving your lawn to a healthier state.

Overseeding is beneficial for:

  • Strengthening your current lawn
  • Filling in small, bare spots
  • Crowding out weeds

At Beautiful Blooms, LLC, we use a variety of grass species during our overseeding to promote a healthy blend of grasses. This gives your lawn the best chance at achieving a good lawn density.


Slit seeding is an option for reseeding your lawn in the spring, and is often done in conjunction with aerating services. Using a slit seeder, we vertically cut into the ground and directly implant the seeds, which give the seeds the best soil-to-seed contact possible. Slit-seeding results in a high germination rate due to the seeds being deposited directly into nutrient-rich soil.

Keep your lawn hydrated until the new seed has established roots. Once the roots are established and the grass begins to grow in, regular lawn mowing and maintenance routines can resume.

Call us to have our experts give you a consultation on aeration and seeding for your property.

Overseeding has helped this lawn in Wauwatosa, WI to become thick and lush.

We handle each of our clients on a case-by-case basis when it comes to seeding services. Our experts take into consideration each property's individual needs, the types of grass, and the needs of the homeowner.

While aerating and overseeding are the recommended route for establishing thick, healthy lawns, we know the property's circumstances may create the need to use an alternative path. For more information or to get a consultation on your aeration and seeding services, call us at (414) 431-1757.

We work with a variety of residential properties in the Brookfield, Elm Grove, Wauwatosa, and Pewaukee, WI areas.

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