The image shows a well-maintained garden in front of a house with stone accents, colorful flowers, shrubs, and a neatly trimmed lawn.
A two-story brick house with white trim, ornate balconies, and arched windows surrounded by a manicured garden, brick pathways, and a wrought-iron table set.
A two-story residential house with a well-manicured garden, green lawn, and a clear sky visible at dusk. The exterior features a white garage door and windows.
Three large green sculptures resembling wrapped botanical elements stand in a snow-dusted park with leafless trees and a metal fence in the background.
A well-manicured lawn with striped patterns, a tree casting a shadow, surrounded by bushes, with a house in the background on a sunny day.
A garden bed covered with mulch edged by manicured grass, showcasing a group of blooming daffodils under a sunny sky with trees in the background.
This image shows eleven people posing outdoors in matching red and green tops, likely colleagues, with a natural backdrop of trees and shrubbery.

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This image features a minimalist design with a dark green background and a stylized green wave or stripe at the bottom providing a sense of motion.
Lush garden with blooming daylilies in varied colors, stone house facade, green trees, and a manicured lawn with a curving walkway and benches.