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The lawn mowing services that we offer homeowners include maintenance tasks such as string trimming, edging, and blowing.

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Our consistent lawn mowing and maintenance services are available to homeowners in Brookfield, Elm Grove, as well as in Wauwatosa, and Pewaukee, WI.

With mowing and maintenance services that run from April through November, the health and aesthetics of your turf is sure to be influenced.

A Brookfield, Elm Grove property after receiving scheduled lawn mowing services.

Consistent lawn mowing and maintenance services greatly influence the health and aesthetics of your home's turf. At Beautiful Blooms, LLC, our mowing and trimming season for homeowners in the areas of Brookfield, Elm Grove, Wauwatosa, and Pewaukee, WI run from April through November.

String Trimming, Edging, & Blowing Included in Your General Lawn Maintenance

Your routine mowing services also include general lawn maintenance, in the form of string trimming, edging, and blowing. We maintain appearances on your property so that your curb appeal is always at its best.

String trimming is performed around hard to reach areas, such as against your house and around trees, your fence, mailbox, shed, or other outdoor obstacles.

We do edging around the sidewalks and driveways throughout your property to give the lawn sharp, clean corners and straight lines along every border.

Our final task is to use blowers to remove any grass clippings or clumps from your property. We keep your hardscapes clean and clear, and blow all clippings away from your walkways, driveways, and patio. This final step in your mowing session makes sure your property maintains its clean and healthy appearance, and highlights our dedication to providing you with a job well done.

It is important we point out that all mowing, string trimming, edging, and blowing that we perform is done with professional grade equipment.

Factors That Impact Your Number of Annual Mowing Sessions & the Height We Maintain Your Grass

Homeowners can expect between 23-28 mowing sessions annually. Since every lawn is unique and has its mowing impacted differently due to weather conditions, soil conditions, and other factors, such as irrigation, you may find your lawn needs either more or less mows than your neighbor does.

When we mow your property, we maintain your grass at a 3-4" mow height. Generally, we recommend most lawns stay around 3½ inches, because this helps your turf maintain a fuller and more stress-resistant lawn.

Both the first and last mowing and maintenance service date is determined based on the weather. Clients will be informed well in advance, concerning when their services will begin and end.

Our Commitment to Providing Services on a Designated Date/Time & Ways Efficient Service Can Be Ensure

Residential properties in the Wauwatosa, WI area can receive the lawn mowing services offered by Beautiful Blooms, LLC.

We respect your time and your need for scheduled lawn mowing sessions. That's why we are committed to staying consistent with providing our services on a designated date and time. When we have to fluctuate, due to weather or holidays, we keep communications open with our clients.

In order to allow us to provide you with the most efficient service, We ask that homeowners check their lawn prior to our crew coming out to serve you. Remove any toys, equipment, or lawn furniture that will create obstacles for your services. Cleaning up after your pet, prior to services being performed, will ensure our efficiency as well.

Stay in the Loop With Service Reports & Open Communication About Your Lawn Care

After every lawn mowing session, we leave a detailed service report on your front door or in your mailbox. Your service report will contain explanations and comments concerning your property and services. At Beautiful Blooms, LLC, we keep homeowners in the loop with their lawn care via open communication and discussion, especially when it comes to needing additional services, or when service dates change unexpectedly.

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We currently provide our lawn mowing and maintenance services to the entire service areas of Brookfield, Elm Grove, Wauwatosa, and Pewaukee, WI.

Hire us today for your turf mowing needs! You can call us at (414) 431-1757 to schedule a consultation or request a free estimate for your residential services.

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