Piles of mulch to be delivered for landscape beds.

Mulch InstallationIn the Brookfield, Pewaukee, & Wauwatosa, WI Area.

We offer new mulch installation or refresh your landscape beds with organic mulch products, such as hardwood, shredded oak, and hemlock mulch.

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Communities in and around Brookfield, Pewaukee, or Wauwatosa, WI can count on our professional, organic mulch installation services!

Help your soil retain moisture and your landscape beds resist weeds with the organic mulch products that we offer with our annual mulching services.

When we install mulch for our customers in the Brookfield, WI area, we use all-natural mulch products such as shredded oak and hemlock.

One of the many landscaping services available from our company is professional mulch installation. We offer customers organic mulch products for your landscape beds. Though it is a labor-intensive project that many homeowners would rather leave to someone else, mulching is an important part of keeping weeds at bay in your landscape beds and helping your soil to retain moisture.

For homes in the Brookfield, Pewaukee, and Wauwatosa areas, we offer annual mulching services for your landscaping.

Natural Mulch Options & Their Benefits

The natural mulch products we offer include standard hardwood mulch, shredded oak mulch, and hemlock mulch. Hemlock retains its darkest color the longest and is the most expensive due to freight costs. Standard mulch is the quickest to lose color but is a more affordable option for homeowners.

Why do we choose a natural mulch? The benefits that come with natural mulch products make it the best option above dyed or painted mulches and rock.

  • Natural mulch breaks down and turns into rich soil.
  • Microorganisms and beneficial fungi live in natural mulch and provide advantages to both the soil and plant growth.
  • Natural mulch aids in water conservation and plant health.

How We Charge Customers, Suggested Depths to Add Mulch, & Other Services Available

We charge customers for their mulch by the cubic yard, which includes the cost of materials and installation. Our organic mulch installation also includes one application of herbicide along the edge of the landscape beds.

When adding mulch into your landscape beds, we suggest 1-2 inches should be added annually, or 2-4 inches bi-annually. For the best weed control and soil structure, your landscaping beds should maintain a depth of 2.5-3 inches.

At Beautiful Blooms Landscape & Design, LLC, there are other services available that can assist in your organic mulch installation, for an additional cost. By request only, customers can add on these services to their basic mulch installation costs:

  • Bed prep & cutting bed liners
  • Weeding
  • Trimming
  • Cleanup
  • Bed edging

We prefer to do mulching during the springtime but can do off-season mulching as needed.

Call to schedule your organic mulching services today!

On an average day, our company can do up to 65 yards of mulch. The standard home typically has approximately 5-15 yards of mulch that needs to be laid. Get a spot in our schedule for your residential property today!

Contact us today at (414) 431-1757 for your estimate and to get your organic mulch installation in the books. Residential services are currently available for the areas of Brookfield, Pewaukee, and Wauwatosa.

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