Things To Do in February 

In the midwest, there's not much for us to do in the garden at this time of year. If you’re itching to do something to keep yourself busy, we made a list!


Start Seeds Indoors

You may have started some of your seeds late last month, but most cool-seasoned vegetables, herbs and annuals can be started in February-March. Some examples are, beets, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, kale, lettuce and parsley. 


Order Spring-Planted Bulbs

You may not plant these bulbs until March or April, it is a good month to start shopping! Many of these plants (ranunculus, gladiolus, lilis, canna, calla lilies, and dahlias) will flower late-spring or summer. 


Prune Woody Plants

Woody plants are still dormant, this is the best time to remove stems or branches. With deciduous trees and shrubs it’s also easier to see the structure of the plants as you prune.


Do a Houseplant Checkup 

Warm, dry, indoor air from heaters and fireplaces can dry out plants, adding a humidifier to your indoor garden can help you achieve favorable conditions your indoor plants are looking for. Indoor plants are also not receiving as much sunlight in winter as they do in spring and summer, but temporarily moving them into a brighter area in your house for the winter months or even implementing grow lights in your space can help!


Check on your Stored Plants

If you dug anything up from the season and put them in storage till spring, check on them! You want to ensure they remain dry through the winter, you also want to keep them cool and in a dark location. If there are any signs of your bulbs or tubers rotting, remove them and dispose of them.