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Foodscaping: Sustainability and Aesthetic

Foodscaping: Sustainability and Aesthetic

If you're looking for new ways to lessen the stress of rising grocery costs, Foodscaping could be the answer. While gardening has always been a wise choice for combating expensive trips to the store, the hobby has definitely been a rising trend in the past few years. Foodscaping is a modern term for mixing ornamental plants with food-yielding plants. Also known as edible landscaping, this ideology aims to prove that fruits and veggies can also provide aesthetic value in the garden! A typical design can include all kinds of vegetables, fruit trees, berry bushes, herbs and edible flowers alongside ornamental plant species. As a more sustainable approach to traditional landscaping, foodscaping is a great way to incorporate more color into your outdoor spaces, and better utilize your yard!

For inspiration and more information on getting the most from your yard, visit the links below!

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Foodscaping: A "New" Way To Create A Garden

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Organics–Did you know that BBLD…?

Organics–Did you know that BBLD…?

Weed that can be found in %targetarea1%%.Did you know that since 2009, Beautiful Blooms has been using OMRI approved organic pesticides to care for plants in your landscape and since the spring of 2012 the only synthetic pesticide we use in the care of your landscape perennials and shrub beds is Roundup®?  It’s true!

In early spring of 2012, I took our inventory of synthetic pesticides to the local hazardous waste processing facility and we have not looked back since.  I have to say…it felt really good to do that, that day.

In June of 2013 we used up our last bag of synthetic fertilizer for landscape beds and when Mary Beth asked if she should order more I said “Nope, we’ve got that covered with organics now”.  What I was referring to was using compost tea with various organic additives.  We have a compost tea brewer and we brew 20-80 gallons of tea per week for use on all of the properties we care for.  The results are tremendous.  We see an improved perennial in just a few days or weeks, shrubs react a little more slowly and typically show their improved health the following year after applications have begun.  Remember—compost tea is a soil treatment and healing our soils after years/decades of degradation through the use of conventional chemical use take a little bit of time.

At this time, the only synthetic pesticides that we use in the care for ANY landscape is for the treatment of pests or diseases on trees and broad leaf...

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