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Welcome, New Clients! & ‘Big Picture’ Questions for Everyone—

Welcome, New Clients! & ‘Big Picture’ Questions for Everyone—

Welcome, new clients!  And ‘big picture’ questions for everyone—

Whether this is your first season with Beautiful Blooms or your 8th, what is your initial impression this season?  This is important to us because as the cliché goes—this is the impression that will last the longest.

Is this your first experience working with a landscape maintenance contractor?  Are we meeting your expectations?  Have you worked with other contractors in the past—how do we compare?  Is there something that you miss about your past contractor that you wish we did or did better?

Do you appreciate the level of communication that we provide?  Is it too much, do you want more, do you want it to be done differently? 

How else can we serve you?  Do you have any questions or concerns about Beautiful Blooms and the services we are providing to you?

These are hugely important questions for me to ask and get feedback from you on.  Your honest feedback is critical to the future success of our company.  We wish to provide you with services that leave you feeling delighted and if we are not living up to that expectation we certainly want to know about it so we can correct the issue at once. 

Please take a moment and call or e-mail anything that is of concern to you….or anything that we are doing a great job of.  ALL of your responses will be used to improve our company, our entire team...

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