CongratulationsYou have just made a significant investment to your yard, and to your life, by installing new plant material. To ensure that investment is productive and successful, you need to nurture it, just like any other investment, making sure you do all you can to help it pay-off.  So, now what?

Watering – not enough or too much – is the most important step in establishing new plants. Beautiful Blooms will always “water-in” all the plant material they install for you. However, once we leave the property, you become responsible for seeing that adequate moisture is supplied. Knowing when and how much to water – and conversely, when not to water – can be tricky, so we offer these guidelines.

Perennials: It is recommended that you water 3 times-a-week, for the first 3 weeks whether is rains or not. After 3 weeks, water once-a-week, unless there is at least ½ inch of rainfall during that week. If natural rainfall is not sufficient, then supplemental, regular watering is needed. Remember that plants dry out faster in windy, unprotected areas, as well as on slopes.  Also, pay close attention to plants placed under a roof overhang; they will need slightly more water since the soil in that area tends to be drier as it does not receive any rain.

Small shrubs: You should use a hose at a slow trickle for 10-20 minutes per shrub to thoroughly saturate the root zone. You will want to keep the water at the base of the plants so as not to wash away soil.

Large shrubs and trees: You should use a hose at a slow trickle for 20-40 minutes moving the hose as needed to thoroughly saturate the entire root zone.  If you prefer to use soaker hoses, they should be placed over the root zone and left running for a longer period of time – several hours, at least.

All trees and shrubs need frequent watering from planting time until becoming well rooted, which may take two or more growing seasons.

Annuals: watering is very important for annuals due to shallow, small root systems – it’s the nature of the plant. Plants in containers and hanging baskets will need more frequent watering than annuals in planting beds because they will dry out faster. You will be watering those daily, possibly twice-a-day in extreme conditions. Every time you water throughout the season, make sure you are watering adequately and thoroughly, wetting the top 4-6 inches of soil. Water hanging baskets until the water runs through and out the bottom of the basket.

If we are contracted to take care of your annuals, please to not fertilize them with any fertilizing products yourself, as we will do so when we care for them. This would result in over-fertilization and be fatal to the plant. In this case, more is not better.

Grass seed: once you begin watering the newly seeded areas you must not stop until fully established.  Germiation will be complete in about 21 days from the initial watering and establishment will take an additional 4-6 weeks.  Ideal watering schedule is 2 times per day for 20-30 minutes with a lawn sprinkler that adequately covers the area, morning and late afternoon/early evening.  The objective is to keep the seed moist without flooding the area.  Once you see the seed has germinated continue this schedule for 2 more weeks.  Then, switch to one time per day for 30-40 minutes unless of course it rains.  When the lawn reaches about 3 inches you can reduce watering to every other day.  The area will be soft so avoid walking over it and mow only when the soil has a chance to dry slightly.  Once your lawn has filled in nicely (about 4-5 weeks after germination) you can further reduce watering frequency to about one or two times per week, depending on weather conditions.  For the first full season, your newly seeded areas will require more attention—primarily watering.  Do not allow the areas to naturally go dormant during the typical summer dry spell, continue watering the area on a weekly basis or as needed to keep moisture in the soil.  Whether by irrigation or by natural rain fall the newly seeded area needs 1” of water per week.

We want you to enjoy your yard for many seasons to come. Proper watering is one of the most important and easy ways to get the best out of your plants.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.  Thank you.


The Beautiful Blooms Team!