When winter weather rolls around, it can get bitterly cold in Brookfield, Elm Grove, WI, and the surrounding areas. Plants native to our area are usually able to go dormant during the winter months, but sometimes they need extra protection to endure the freezing weather.

Here are some ways we recommend protecting your landscape plants, trees, and shrubs from the cold weather and why you need to protect them in the areas of Brookfield, Elm Grove, Wauwatosa, Pewaukee, and surrounding Wisconsin cities.

Why You Need to Protect Plants from Freezing Weather

It’s not easy for anything living to survive in the bitter cold. Animals huddle together for warmth and plants may also need a bit of a boost to make it through the long winter months. Additionally, animals may be seeking out food sources and when deer or rabbits come into your yard to eat your plants, this can kill them. At Beautiful Blooms, LLC, we have devised several ways to help your plants make it through the winter.

How We Protect Plants, Trees, & Shrubs from Snow & Ice

Snow covers a lawn and landscaping in Wauwatosa, WI.

One method to protect plants from winter weather is called wilt pruf. This is an anti-desiccant that we apply to select types of evergreen plants. Wilt pruf is made from pine sap and helps to prevent winter windburn of your trees and plants.

Our professional crews may also choose to use burlap wrapping, especially if you have plants that are close to the street or other areas where winter wind or salt spray can be thrown onto them. In our area, rock salt is used quite frequently to de-ice the roads and streets, meaning salt spray is quite prevalent close to the roads.

To protect trees, trunk sleeves are also available. These white plastic sleeves can protect younger or more vulnerable trees from winter sun, frost, or deer rubbing on them.

Keeping Plants Protected from Deer, Rabbits, & Other Vermin

Protecting your landscaping plants during the winter also involves keeping them protected from deer, rabbits, and other vermin that will try to eat the leaves, twigs, and other parts. By wrapping the plants with netting, which is a fine material that will not look conspicuous, we can help prevent your plants falling victim to these pests.

Another method of protecting plants from deer or rabbits is to put up fencing that will make it harder for them to access the plants. Our team can also apply Bobbex deer repellent throughout the year. This repellent deters deer based on smell and taste, but is also completely safe for you, family, friends, guests, and pets.

Whenever possible, we prefer to use environmentally-friendly solutions to keep pests out of your yard.

Do you need to protect your landscape plants, trees, and shrubs from the bitter cold of winter?

Contact us today to learn about how our professional team members can help prepare your landscape plants, shrubs, and trees for the winter months. We train our crew members to know the best methods of winter plant protection and provide the best services to you. Beautiful Blooms, LLC is the area’s premier winter weather plant protection company for residential and commercial properties in Brookfield, Elm Grove, Wauwatosa, Pewaukee, and other surrounding communities in Wisconsin.

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