Annual pricing is listed below.

“There is likely frost until the last full moon in May.”  Hmmmm….that goes hand in hand with the sort of weather we are having because the last (only) full moon in May is May 24, 2013.  Anything less than 50 degrees at night and injury to summer annuals is nearly guaranteed.  Here is more interesting information.  I’m sharing this with you because the earliest we are planning to start annual planting is the week of May 20th—and will likely conclude the week of June 3rd .  All dependent on weather of course.  According to the predicted last frost, these dates may be pushed back a week.

While that is a few weeks away, our planning and ordering has begun.  I invite you to communicate directly with Mary Beth as she is the one making these arrangements.  Her e-mail address is  To be sure we are covering all of your container planting needs, please answer the following questions.  If you have anything specific you would like to add, of course please do.  As a quick reference, I’ve included our pricing information for annual/twig color at the end of this e-mail, there are more options/information than what was originally printed on your earlier contract.  If you have any questions or concerns about annual planting, please contact Mary Beth.  Thank you!

**cut and paste these questions directly into your reply**

1.  Number of containers in each location, and approximate size (inside rim diameter) that you would like planted with summer annuals?  (ex: 3 on Patio, 12-15”; 2 at front door, 16”)

2.  Which of these planters would you also like changed out for fall?  And for winter?

3.  Do you have a color scheme you would like us to follow?  What is it?  Be as specific as you care to be.

4.  Do you have any favorite plants that you would like us to include?


Does not include the container.  You supply the container, we supply soil, one application of compost tea, plants, and installation.  We will use a combination of 4” annuals, flat annuals, and hanging baskets.  If you desire premium arrangements such as tropicals, perennials, or other special features we can discuss options and do this work at an additional charge for the retail cost of those materials. 

Flats of annuals for bedding areas:

  • Flats of 48       $34.00 each
  • One flat generally covers 10-12 square feet.

Summer annuals for the containers are:

  • 12-16” pot       $45.00 each
  • 16-24” pot       $75.00 each
  • 24-30″ pot       $145.00 each

Fall annuals for the containers are:

  • 12-16” pot       $45.00 each
  • 16-24” pot       $75.00 each
  • 24-30″ pot       $145.00 each

Winter twigs for containers are:

  • 12-16” pot       $40.00 each
  • 16-24” pot       $60.00 each
  • 24-30″ pot       $125.00 each

If you choose to go with Summer, Fall, and Winter for all/select containers:

  • 12-16” pot       $107.50 each, $22.50 savings
  • 16-24” pot       $172.50 each, $37.50 saving
  • 24-30″ pot       $365.00 each, $50.00 savings

The three season change out is the best value.