This image features a vibrant garden with yellow coneflowers and clusters of pink phlox blossoms amid lush green foliage, showcasing the beauty of summertime flora.
A person's hand is touching dry, patchy grass, suggesting drought, poor lawn health, or environmental issues. The image highlights the contrast between life and decay.

One serious issue you may find if you don’t perform some kind of leaf removal is an increase in voles and mice. These critters love to hide under layers of leaves so they can safely ravage your yard without being noticed. Most people are unaware of the damage the voles cause in their yard until the snow completely melts in spring.

New spring growth can also be impacted as your grass starts to come out of winter dormancy. As mentioned before, lawns being smothered by a ton of leaves are restricted from receiving enough light and oxygen. Damaged grass will be slower to appear green and prevent new growth. Certain areas may even need to be reseeded.

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