Fall leaves are a beautiful sight to see, just not when they cover your entire yard.

A lawn with a thick layer of leaves is at risk for developing diseases, pest infestations, and weakened grass growth. Removing your leaves with a professional service will protect your lawn from these issues.

Understanding why leaf removal is important can help your grass stay healthy even after it goes into winter dormancy.

Leaves can smother your lawn and eventually kill it.

The health of your lawn is reliant on getting enough water, sunlight, and nutrients to maintain strong growth. A thick mat of leaves covering your yard can suffocate and block these necessary elements. This can quickly kill your lawn if the leaves are not picked up for several weeks and create a breeding ground for certain insects and pests.

As the leaves begin to rot, there is also an increased chance for fungus and mold growth. A lawn that is suffering from fungal disease will start developing yellow, white, or brown spots throughout your yard. The most common fall disease is dollar spot, which are small, silver dollar-sized spots that can merge and form large clumps of discolored grass.

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Leave-ridden lawns will impact your grass during the next growing season.

Dead lawn grass after leaves smothered yard in Pewaukee, WI.

One serious issue you may find if you don't perform some kind of leaf removal is an increase in voles and mice. These critters love to hide under layers of leaves so they can safely ravage your yard without being noticed. Most people are unaware of the damage the voles cause in their yard until the snow completely melts in spring.

New spring growth can also be impacted as your grass starts to come out of winter dormancy. As mentioned before, lawns being smothered by a ton of leaves are restricted from receiving enough light and oxygen. Damaged grass will be slower to appear green and prevent new growth. Certain areas may even need to be reseeded.

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When should fall leaves be removed from your lawn?

Trees typically being losing their leaves between October and November, so this is the recommended time frame to start some kind of leaf removal service. According to a study by the University of Minnesota, leaves should never cover more than 10 to 20% of your lawn.

Some people like to wait until all the leaves have fallen in their yard so it can be taken care of in one, big cleanup, but this is not the best solution. It's important that very few leaves cover your lawn as much as possible before the winter season starts. Depending on the size and number of trees on your property, you may need at least two or more leaf removal sessions during the fall season.

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