We spend significant time and money landscaping our yards, planting gardens, and building beautiful outdoor spaces, yet are left with very little time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor. As soon as the sun sets, we head back inside. What if we told you there was a way to spend more time in your yard? The solution is simple: adding landscape lighting to your yard gives you more hours of the day (and night) to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space!


1.Extending your Living Space Outside 

An outdoor lighting system can extend your living space by making your outdoor spaces usable long after dark, giving you more time to enjoy them. Well-designed landscape lighting can turn your ordinary backyard into an oasis


2.Highlight Landscaping and Yard Decor

Transform your dark exterior into a bold, illuminated showcase, highlighting special features like fountains, ponds, flower gardens, patios, pergolas – even your favorite trees! Whatever is special to you about your home or yard, make it stand out with landscape lighting.


3.Increase Property Value

Regardless of the size or style of your home, landscape lighting can highlight its best attributes, adding dimension, space, and dynamic form. It can make the most bland, boring exterior shine. When it comes time to sell, this will be especially important – a well-lit home is more attractive to potential buyers. 


4.Enhance Curb Appeal 

If your home doesn’t look great on the outside, many potential buyers won’t even consider taking a closer look. But even if you’re not selling, curb appeal is important: highlighting the exterior beauty of your home with landscape lighting gives it a warm, inviting appeal that will draw your family and friends in and make them feel instantly welcome.


5.Improve Safety and Security

Use landscape lighting to guide guests along paths, walkways, and driveways, or to light up stairs or uneven areas to help reduce the risk of guests slipping and falling on your property. Install lighting around patios, decks, outdoor seating areas and water features for additional safety.  


Want to get more out of your yard by having lighting installed? For more details, questions or quotes, check out our friends at Night Owl Landscape Lighting!