The Mirror and the Telescope

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The new year is upon us. Like it or not, it’s time to turn the page and write the next chapter, titled 2016. It’s also a great time to look in the rearview mirror and reflect on your story from 2015 – write down lessons learned, wins, losses, and examine new and old relationships. When you’re finished, break out the telescope. Look into the future and examine the events, goals and dreams that appear in the distance. Remember, there are no limits to a telescope so look far and dream BIG!

While a look in both the mirror and the telescope offer us a unique perspective, there are a few important items to remember. As you reflect, you may have a tendency to look in the side mirror when it comes to your failures. You know, the one with the disclosure that says, “things may be closer than they appear”? Yeah, that one. I know in the past, I’ve found myself spending too much time focusing on the failures and making them appear huge, but when put into perspective, they were simply opportunities to learn. And when it comes to the telescope, make sure you write down what you see!! It will increase your likelihood of achieving your goals by well over half.


Celebrate this season of insight—and we’ll see you for a brilliant new year.