Residential Property Management Services

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Low Risk and Natural-Organic, Lawn care program options

Your lawn looks says more about you than you might imagine.  Is it cut short on a regular basis, let to grow a bit longer, a monoculture of only one type of grass, a mix of grass with a few weeds, or a carpet of green plants? How do you care for your lawn?  We offer three distinct lawn care programs–Conventional, Low-Risk, and Natural-Organic.  You can learn more about each of these programs here.

Customized Lawn and Landscaping Management Services for unique Milwaukee-Waukesha Area Homes

Managing the landscape you wish for is effortless when Beautiful Blooms handles the particulars.  You have found a company that routinely provides service at a level you simply will not find somewhere else.  We build a team of individuals that are experienced horticulturists who are proficient at managing landscapes.  Our combined experiences allow you to appreciate your property in more ways than one.  By this, we mean you may enjoy your property at the same time that you add value by protecting the investment you have made in your property knowing you have a team of experts providing service to you.  Learn more about Customized Lawn and Landscape Management

Earth Care

From mowing to specialized pruning and everything in between, we can manage your landscape in a way that your soil and plants will appreciate.  And, you will be delighted with the outcome too!  Using the most sustainable approach, we employ integrated pest management principles to manage your lawn and landscape.  You will enjoy a lush landscape and have peace of mind knowing that you have contracted with a company that is a good steward of your environment. Learn more about Earth Care


We live in Wisconsin.  Our landscapes change drastically from season to season.  We believe that you can have color and interest in your landscape throughout the entire year.  By selecting and combining plants that have special seasons of interest, some imagination when it comes to flower pots, and the creative use of tasteful garden accessories—we can make the most hideously cold drab January day into something beautiful and inspiring. Learn more about Color 365


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