Mulch Applications

Mulch application                                                                                           

We charge by the cubic yard.  Cost includes material and installation.  Delivery is charged per load, up to 20 cubic yards.  We do not offer painted or dyed mulch, only natural mulch products.

More or fewer cubic yards, than quoted, may actually be necessary to provide adequate coverage at the ideal total depth of 2-3” throughout your landscape.  (This includes whatever base layer of mulch that is currently present).  We will charge you for the actual amount we use.

Why do we recommend standard hardwood mulch? All of these mulch options are natural products, not treated or painted in any way.  All will accomplish the same basic goal of enriching soil structure as the organic material breaks down.  Of the three options, Hemlock mulch will retain a darker color longer and standard mulch is the quickest to lose its color.  The main reason for the cost difference is not due to quality of product but rather freight.  Hemlock mulch is shipped from far away (Canada, Michigan, northern Wisconsin) and Oak can be sourced regionally/locally.  Standard hardwood is least expensive because we get it from local arborists who grind and compost their trimmings; this also means no trees are being harvested just for the purpose of making mulch.  If it matters to you…I use the standard hardwood mulch in my own yard, making an application about every 1-2 years.Mulch and Edging (3)

Please note:  Bed preparation for mulch or cutting new bed lines is not included with the application of mulch.  What is included is one application of herbicide along the bed edges to kill minor weeds/grass that have encroached and of course the delivery and application of mulch. No other weeding, trimming, cutback, cleanup, bed edging, or other preparatory work is included.  If you desire these services, please let us know.

The ins and outs of Mulch—

mulched and edged - CopyMulch can refer to many different types of products.  We believe that natural wood or bark is the best choice.  Natural wood mulch breaks down and eventually turns into rich soil.  Micro organisms and beneficial fungi live in mulch and rich soils, benefiting plant materials.  Because mulch breaks down continuously (which is exactly what is suppose to happen), it is important to replenish your beds with fresh mulch each season.  Beautiful Blooms recommends adding about 1-2 inches every year, or if you prefer, 2-4 inches every other year.  You need to maintain a depth of 2.5-3” throughout all planting beds to realize the benefits of improved soil structure and substantially limited weed growth.  Mulch also aids in water conservation and overall plant health.

Many home owners find mulching beds to be labor intensive…and it is.  Beautiful Blooms provides this service throughout the season, although spring is the preferred time to apply mulch.  We can apply up to 65 yards of mulch in one day!  Most home landscapes require on average between 5-15 yards.  Call today to reserve your spot on our schedule.

We have several mulch types available and will work with you to choose the type that will work best for your situation.

Standard hardwood mulch

Standard Hardwood


Shredded oak mulch

Shredded Oak


Hemlock mulch