fall is for seeding

The process of over-seeding is simply the incorporation of more grass seed into an existing lawn. It works well in coordination with aeration because the seeds are able to work their way into the aeration holes, which provides a much better environment for germination than the soil surface. It also provides the space necessary to avoid competition between the new seedlings and the existing turf. Over-seeding is a helpful process if you have a thin lawn that never seems to achieve the desired density.

Different types of grass seed are used which promotes a good blend of grasses, which is the best way to achieve a healthy dense turf. One type of grass may not be tolerant of your specific site conditions so incorporating a grass species that is more tolerant of that environment can be very beneficial.

There are multiple ways to perform this process, all of which depend on the expectations of the service. Over-seeding works best in conjunction with either aeration or de-thatching, or can be done as a stand-alone service, but in this case, it is best to use a slit-seeder to achieve the proper seed to soil contact. A minimum way to provide this service is to simply apply seed with a fertilizer spreader. While the end result will not be as good as if a slit-seeder were used, the cost to provide this service is also much cheaper than any of the other processes. We will work with you to determine which process will be the most successful way to handle your situation.