Lawn Repair


Lawn repair can be performed a number of ways and to help take care of many problems. Often times you will find snow plow damage in the spring from the city plows or even your personal snow removal service. You might also find damage underneath where your snow has been piled up. This is often a possibility in tough winters with a lot of snow because the grass underneath can actually get choked out of oxygen through the winter. Also, snow piles will lead to more disease in the turf-grass than if the lawn had no snow cover.


These damaged areas can be repaired using seed or sod, depending on location, traffic levels, and the slope of the area. Seed incorporated into soil and spread will work in most instances, but if the site conditions would require us to use sod we would explain that to you. Sod repair will be more expensive than seeded areas, but the results are noticed immediately. Sod also is the only way to repair certain circumstances, but if seed/soil is a possible option, we will perform the repair that way.