Mowing and Trimming

Beautiful Blooms lawn mowing and trimming season normally runs from April through early November. We will inform you ahead of time of our plans for the initial and final service visits for the season.  Depending on the individual lawn, weather conditions and scheduling, we do retain the right to determine when those cuts will occur.
We maintain all of our lawns between 3” and 4” mowing height. We generally recommend no less than 3 ½” for height of cut, to maintain a fuller and more stress resistant turf. We may alter height ResizedImage_1374164767369of cut on occasion during the season to adjust to weather conditions, but we will typically stay within the height range listed above.
We plan your normal mowing day based around our schedule, and current weather conditions.  However, it should stay the same throughout the season but some shuffling of the schedule may occur. If you have a special request for a specific mowing date, your price may need to be adjusted.
Every time we are on your property we will leave a service report, showing that we have serviced your property. It will either be left in your front door or sometimes your mailbox. Please be sure to read our additional comments about the visit. Occasionally we will explain a situation that may have arisen on your property, and we may also make you aware of a situation that may take place in the future. For instance, if we see your lawn slowing down its growth heading into a drought, we will notify you that the next week’s mow will be skipped.
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A typical mowing season in our area will be about 28 weeks long. Your lawn may need more or fewer cuts than your neighbor depending on soil conditions or irrigation and fertility practices. We will customize your cuts based around these conditions; please understand we will only mow your lawn when necessary–skipping cuts in the drought to avoid damaging the turf. In a typical season you can expect somewhere between 23-28 visits.
grass clippings
The week we will begin mowing lawns will depend on the weather.  With heaviest growth occurring in spring & fall, we make sure to blow all clumps of clippings to maintain a tidy and healthy look.  We will also keep your hardscapes clean by blowing clippings from your curb, walkways, drive, and patio as well.
You can help us out tremendously by collecting toys from the lawn and also by picking up after your pet if you have one. Though there may be some flux in spring, after a few weeks we will routinely come on the same day every week.  If there is a cause for delay due to weather, holiday, ect., we will inform you of that change with as much notice as possible.