Fall Cleanup & Curbside Leaf Collection

Fall Cleanup (3)

Fall- Curbside Leaf Collection

Service includes:  If you prefer to rake/blow your own leaves but find it difficult to dispose of them, we now offer leaf collection and disposal services.  This service includes loading your leaves (by using a high powered debris loader) into a trailer and hauling them to a local yard waste/compost site.

What you need to do:  Gather all leaves into a windrow on or along the edge of your driveway or road.  The windrow should not be at the bottom of a ditch!  If it is, this requires a lot of extra time for loading and we will charge you more.  Keep the windrow no wider than 6’ and right along the road or on your driveway.  Do not put the leaves in the road, that is not cool with the city and we may not be there for a couple of days for collection.  Never put the leaves OVER GRAVEL; to protect our equipment, we will not suction leaves over gravel/rock.

How it is scheduled:  You need to notify Beautiful Blooms when you are ready for pickup.  Pickups will be done Monday-Friday, weather permitting, and will be worked into our ever changing routes for the most efficient operation as possible.  Please notify Beautiful Blooms if you know you will be raking on a certain day(s), you can also schedule a pickup in advance…we prefer to do two or more smaller pickups versus one giant pickup.  Multiple pickups does not cost you anymore, but it is better for both of us.  You can keep your windrows tight against the drive or road without them getting too wide and the leaves and your lawn don’t get all matted and gross from sitting too long.

Fall Clean Up Service

Cut back perennials and leaf clearing from lawn and beds

Fall cleanup of planting beds: We will cut down all perennials that do not offer winter interest.  We will collect leaf debris from the landscape beds and lawn area.  We will dispose of debris off-site.  However, if you have a wooded or marsh area on your property we may blow leaves into those areas and you will save some significant expense on labor.  We will not leave piles—we will spread them out.  Please let us know if that is NOT alright to do.  We will do the best job possible given the current and forecasted weather conditions.  Unfortunately, this may mean that after our final visit for the season (and through the winter), leaves from neighboring properties or trees still holding leaves may accumulate on your lawn.  This is okay and will not cause undue harm.  If you arrange for us to return in spring, we will clear this and other debris as part of our spring cleanup service.


Fall Schedule:  In the fall we approach our schedule different than at other times of the year.  We typically plan to come to a property two or more times.  The first will be in early fall and we will do the majority of the required perennial cut down at that time.  We will also clear whatever leaves that have already fallen, though not taking the time to get into the corners, window wells, or from under shrubs.  The subsequent visits will be for a more thorough leaf clearing.  If you have a property with many trees, then we likely anticipated more than two visits and this is noted with the number of expected visits earlier.  We schedule the leaf clearing visits according to current and forecasted weather conditions. (See note below)  A rotating/fluid schedule allows us to reach our goal of providing service to you and about one hundred other properties.  This schedule ensures that we are not caught with enormous amounts of leaves on any one single property.  At worst—there may be some leaves left that can be collected in the spring as part of our spring cleanup services.


Please note:  We make fall visits according to the current and forecasted  weather conditions—depending on the characteristics of your property and the weather conditions we may complete your leaf cleanup in one or many visits.  Also, because we have not figured out how to control the weather, there is a possibility that the final detailed leaf clearing is impossible because of late leaf drop, and/or an early snow or freezing rain.  If this should happen, we will charge you for all labor hours spent working at your property up to that point.  Typically, we have at least made one visit to your property for the purpose of clearing leaves by the time the weather turns and if there was no choice other than to leave the remaining uncollected leaves on the lawn over the winter there would be little to no negative impact.  We will work with you to make arrangements for an early spring cleanup the following year, though spring cleanup is not included in this contract.

Fall happens to be Loriena’s favorite season.  She loves the bright colors, cooling temperatures, and if she is being forthright DSCN0756 - Copywith you she will admit that she is looking forward to a season of rest…winter! A period of rest is needed…for your lawn and gardens too.  All summer your plants have been working hard to produce beautiful foliage, flowers, and fruit.  Now it is time to prepare the landscape for winter and ultimately for next spring. Leaving plant materials in the garden over the winter can cause problems with insects and disease in years to come.  We will clean away your leaves and debris from all landscaped and lawn areas on your property.  We will cut back perennials as necessary, empty all containers and leave all ornamental grasses intact for winter interest.  We also offer bulb planting, perennial division, and seasonal decorations.  Late fall, after all the leaves have fallen we begin dormant pruning. Fall services are very popular.  Each year the demand for this service grows.  Please contact us early so we can provide the service you desire.  We are unable to control the weather and once the snow sticks many fall services are impossible to perform. Fall is a time to harvest and lay the garden to rest for the winter ahead. With limited time and so much to do, contract us to help you out this fall! Fall Cleanup (1)