Winter Protection







Winter Protection

There are a few things that we can do to hopefully avoid damage to plants over the winter months.  These things will not guarantee that all damage will be avoided, but they are effective at minimizing it.  Not all plants require this additional protection, we will select plants that we know will likely have a problem without protection.  If you know of past winter damage, please be sure to let us know.

Wilt Pruf®: We will apply an anti-desiccant to select evergreens that commonly suffer from winter wind burn.  The product is made of 100% pine pitch/sap which we dilute.  It works by sealing in moisture.

Netting:  As a way to keep deer damage to a minimum, we will wrap select plants with a netting material.  The net is fine and not visually obtrusive.

Fencing:  If you have had a history of substantial rabbit or deer pressure, then we may choose to cage select plants that seem to be favored by critters over the winter as a source of food.

Burlap:  Depending on location and plant type, burlap wrapping may be required to shield a shrub from salt spray and/or winter sun and wind.  We will wrap select plants if necessary.

Trunk sleeves:  Young trees and trees that have smooth bark are susceptible to winter sun scald, frost cracks, and deer-antler rub.  We use a white plastic sleeve to protect your trees through the winter.

Deer Damage-Treetrunk (5)Last year, many of our clients experienced an increase in devastating deer problems.  Due to the drought, when the supply of “wild food and natural water sources” disappeared, the deer moved into our yards looking for food and moisture more aggressively than in years past.  Rest assured, they will start again this Spring.

What to do!?  For the properties we care for we do one of two things when we notice deer or rabbit browsing.  Either we use a spray–this seems to do the trick if the problem is not too big.  But, for those that are on the direct path from point A to point B of the nightly walk of the neighborhood herd of deer, then we bring out the physical barriers. 189 Netting is super effective and the type that we use is really not visible from a medium to far distance.  Close by, of course you will see the fine netting.  I often get a call from clients who are reading their service reports and wondering where we put the ‘deer net’ because they do not see it!  I tell them to go outside and take a closer look–it is in fact there.  Protect your investment, enjoy your landscape, send a firm message to the deer and rabbits!

While if you are a regular client of ours you know we already use Bobbex Deer Repellent within the schedule of your normal maintenance visits, we can also make additional visits in-between scheduled visits, to give your plants the best chance of thriving.

Through independent studies, it is proven that Bobbex is one of the most effective deer repellents on the market. It repels deer and small mammals (rabbits, woodchucks) by taste and odor, but is completely safe for humans, pets, and insects (love those bees!)  It will not wash off in the rain or with hosing, but does need to be reapplied to new plant growth to continue to disrupt the browsing habits of deer. In the Spring and Summer, this could be as often as once-a-week.  If you would like to purchase a bottle of Bobbex for your own use, for your use between our scheduled visits, or would like information about our application services please inquire.  We do have ready to use spray bottles or concentrate (for refills) available.  Bobbex is not available at the ‘big box’ stores.