Splashes of color will make your landscape pop…all year long!


We crave color and texture; if this was false we would all dress in grey everyday and be okay with it. BBLD-LOGO-for-the-web (2) Or, in landscape terms—we would just plant Spirea and Yews all the way around the house and call it good. 

Color.365 is our program to add color and texture to your landscape that you will find interesting throughout the entire year.  The obvious is spring flowering bulbs, annual flowers in the summer and containers.  But wait, there’s more.  What about adding fall blooming bulbs, plants that have outstanding winter texture and color?  Is there an empty spot in the garden where a tasteful accent could call home?  And about those containers—they should always have something in them, proudly displaying the personality of you and your home, not hidden away in the garage in the winter.

Our color specialists will review your landscape and make recommendations based on how you use and view your landscape at various time of the year.  In the winter months there may be only two or three key areas that you can see and in the summer you may spend the majority of time on your patio.  This is all important information to consider when selecting certain plants that have specific seasons of interest and positioning them in your landscape for optimal viewing pleasure.  Every plant in your landscape should have a purpose.  A well designed landscape will have color.365!

Color.365 Services