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What Happens If You Don't Remove Fall Leaves?

What Happens If You Don't Remove Fall Leaves?

Fall leaves are a beautiful sight to see, just not when they cover your entire yard.

A lawn with a thick layer of leaves is at risk for developing diseases, pest infestations, and weakened grass growth. Removing your leaves with a professional service will protect your lawn from these issues.

Understanding why leaf removal is important can help your grass stay healthy even after it goes into winter dormancy.

Leaves can smother your lawn and eventually kill it.

The health of your lawn is reliant on getting enough water, sunlight, and nutrients to maintain strong growth. A thick mat of leaves covering your yard can suffocate and block these necessary elements. This can quickly kill your lawn if the leaves are not picked up for several weeks and create a breeding ground for certain insects and pests.

As the leaves begin to rot, there is also an increased chance for fungus and mold growth. A lawn that is suffering from fungal disease will start developing yellow, white, or brown spots throughout your yard. The most common fall disease is dollar spot, which are small, silver dollar-sized spots that can merge and form large clumps of discolored grass.

Schedule Leaf Removal

Leave-ridden lawns will impact your grass during the next growing season.

Dead lawn grass after leaves smothered yard in Pewaukee, WI.

One serious issue you may find if you don't perform some kind of leaf removal is an increase in voles and mice. These critters love to hide under layers of leaves so they can safely ravage your yard...

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Reasons Fall Yard Cleanups Benefit Your Lawn

Reasons Fall Yard Cleanups Benefit Your Lawn

Regular lawn maintenance is vital to a healthy lawn year-round. Did you know that seasonal cleanups can be just as important for your lawn’s health? Fall yard cleanups are important to prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter months and provide it with the nutrients it needs to grow back strong and full in spring.

A proper fall yard cleanup removes leaves from your yard, makes space for new growth in the spring, and rids your yard of dangerous pests and diseases. Here are some reasons fall yard cleanups benefit your lawn in Brookfield, Elm Grove, Wauwatosa, Pewaukee, and the surrounding areas of WI.

Fall yard cleanup maintains healthy new growth and removes pests and diseases in Brookfield, Elm Grove.

Cleaning Your Yard Prepares it for Winter

Wintertime brings with it cold, wet weather and if not prepared, your lawn can sustain some pretty harsh damage. Failing to properly clean up your yard before the winter hits leaves your lawn in a weakened state and susceptible to damage from the cold, pests, diseases, and more. Leaf clutter suffocates your lawn, robbing it of sunlight and air essential for its growth. Removing leaf clutter and other debris from your yard ensures it’s in the best shape possible before the cold winter months hit.

Cleanups Allow New Grass to Grow in Spring

When debris and leaf clutter create a thick carpet on top of your lawn, it crushes your grass and prevents new growth from popping up when spring returns. Allowing old debris, organic matter, and leaf buildup to linger in your yard smothers your lawn and...

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