Many people think that all they need to do to manage the appearance of their lawns is to routinely mow the grass. While this is important and vital to your lawn, there are other tasks required for your lawn to look green and lush during the growing season.

At Beautiful Blooms, LLC, we recommend several steps for a healthy lawn. Learn about what it takes to create a gorgeous lawn in Brookfield, Elm Grove, Pewaukee, Wauwatosa, and nearby areas of Wisconsin.

Fertilization treatments feed your lawn with key nutrients.

Well fertilized home lawn in Wauwatosa, WI.

Without fertilizer, your grass will not get the nutrients needed to strengthen itself. We offer both conventional and natural fertilizer programs so you can choose which one best suits you and your property. No matter which program you choose, we'll apply five treatments of fertilizer or soil conditioner throughout the year.

Weed control applications eliminate common weeds from your lawn and landscaping.

To keep common weeds from invading your lawn and landscape, it's also important to put down weed control applications in the spring. We use a pre-emergent weed control treatment that eliminates broadleaf weeds and others such as:

  • Crabgrass
  • Creeping Charlies
  • Chickweed
  • Clover
  • Violets
  • And more

Trimming and pruning help maintain your plants' appearance and health.

Keeping your landscape plants, shrubs, and hedges well-maintained requires regular trimming during the year. If you enroll in our full-service packages, we will shape plants routinely as this will keep them healthy and ensure they have a great appearance.

Pruning is generally done on an annual basis to remove any dead or dying branches as well as those that may be growing improperly. Certain plants need to be pruned at specific times of the year and our expert crews will know when to do that for each plant or small tree on your residential or commercial property.

Yearly mulch installation protects your landscape beds and plants.

Mulch installation in a custom landscape bed with river rocks in Brookfield, Elm Grove, WI.

Our team installs organic mulch options such as hardwood mulch, shredded oak mulch, and hemlock mulch. In order for your landscaping to get the most benefits from mulch installation, it's recommended to install new mulch yearly.

We believe natural mulch is the best way to protect your landscape plants and beds, as it adds beneficial microorganisms to the soil as it breaks down. Mulch also helps to block weeds from growing by inhibiting their ability to absorb nutrients. It also retains moisture during the hot summer months, which allows your plants to absorb that moisture before the sun evaporates it away. Mulch should be added in layers of 1-2" so you can maintain a depth of 2 1/2-3" total in your planting beds.

Many of these services are included in our full-service lawn and landscaping packages—call us to learn more.

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