2012 Drought = Dead or stressed plants

Yep, we are certainly seeing the effects of the drought last year.  Established and new plants alike, many are dead or severely stressed this year.

Obviously, if it is a dead plant—it needs to be replaced.  Have you noticed a dead plant that we have not talked to you about?  Please shoot us an e-mail so we can get this replacement on our list.

Seemingly healthy plants last summer have begun to show signs of stress this year.  Most noted on shrubs and trees.  Signs to be aware of include dieback, prolific flowering or seed production (more than normal), increased number of basal shoots (suckers), off color or early fall color on leaves.  To reverse the damage done from the drought it is important to pamper your stressed plants.

Three main ways to do this includes monitoring moisture, fertilizer needs, and good pruning practices.  For shrubs, I feel that stressed plants will need to be pampered for about 2 years.  Trees may not even be showing all of the long term affects of such a severe drought, therefore I recommend pampering ALL trees for the next 5 years.  I encourage you to contact us with any concerns you have about the long term health of your trees, or contact our preferred certified arborist Dave at M&M Tree Service directly at 414-355-3420.