Mulch–what’s the big deal?

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Mulching is an important part to the landscaping, and one of the most beneficial and easiest steps. There are many reasons to mulch around your plants. The first is to retain moisture. Mulch helps to slowly release water into the soil as you water. This allows for greater soil infiltration. This results in even soil […]

Spring Cleanup–tips and tricks from pros

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One of the first things to do each season is to start with a good spring clean-up; an all-over clean up and review of your lawn & landscape (including plants, shrubs, trees, and their beds). Fallen branches, debris that has been blown in from the neighbor’s yard, and “gifts” the snow plow delivered (chunks of […]

Corn Gluten

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How many times have you said “learn from your mistakes.” Well, that is exactly what Nick Christians, a research at Iowa State University did. His mistake was spilling corn gluten meal (CGM) while working in the research fields. He was using the CGM as an ingredient in fertilizer. He noticed that in the spot where […]

Groundhog Day 2016

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Will he see his shadow or will he not?  That is the question! Groundhog Day is celebrated on February 2nd, each year in the United States and Canada.  For a nice welcomed break during the winter, on this day the groundhog awakens from his nap and goes outside to see if he can see his shadow.  It […]

Salt Burn

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Road runoff contains dissolved salts that not only injure plants directly but also can change the structure of the soil, causing it to become compacted. This condition restricts the nutrients, water,and oxygen available to the plants, putting them under stress. Shoot tips and young leaves usually receive the most damage. One of the symptoms of […]

Don’t Leave “That Kind” of Footprint

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Dont Leave “That kind” of Footprint Before I started working with Beautiful Blooms, I had never really paid attention to frost, I just knew that my lavender plants would get fussy after a harsh winter. During the beginning of spring, we typically start an hour later than we would during the summer. The crews come […]