Earth Care- Disease and Pest Management


Insects and disease can cause serious damage to your lawn and landscape.  Typically, the chances of having a problem with either or both, to the point that treatment is necessary, is very low.

Every property has a story to tell, and with a little bit of observation and sometimes sampling, we can customize a solution for your needs.  Because of our beliefs in sustainable actions and the importance of safeguarding you and your property from any unnecessary environmental inputs, we do not automatically include insecticide or fungicide applications in this program because they simply are not the right solution in every instance.  After accessing the situation, with our experience and use of the Integrated pest management (IPM) system, we will find a solution and may recommend an OMRI approved &/or biological pest control options to remediate the issue if need be.

If your problem persists, or upon routine checks we observe any issues with pests or disease, we will notify you and we will work with you to provide an appropriate course of action.

It’s important to note that research has shown that chemicals can be a short term fix and aren’t always worth the risk of exposure or misuse. Getting to the core of the issue to rectify the true cause of an insect or disease problem is key.  In our experience, often times certain cultural controls, such as proper irrigation, core aeration, dethatching, and compost tea are a better and more effective choice.